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Compost Bins – Reviewed

Read our reviews of the best compost bins and get on the road to recycling your green waste. A wooden compost bin is both breathable and insulating; a plastic compost bin will keep the heat in and pests out; a tumbler compost bin will speed up the composting process. Whichever type of compost bin you choose, you’ll soon be turning your garden waste and organic household waste into rich crumbly compost with which to nourish your garden. Here we review some of the best:

Blackwall 220 Litre Compost Bin Review

Blackwall 220 litre Compost Bin

Our Rating:     4.5 out of 5 stars

  • RRP: £29.90 (Blackwall 220L Litre Green Garden Waste Composter)
  • Capacity: 220 litres
  • Made from 100% recyclable plastic
  • Tight fitting lid with handle
  • Hatch door for collecting compost
  • Dimensions: Height 90cm, Width 74cm, Depth 74cm

We like:

The 220 litre Blackwall plastic compost bin is an ideal size for small gardens and will efficiently turn your garden waste into nutritious compost. It has a tightly fitting lid that won’t blow off in strong winds, the plastic construction will keep pests at bay, and the wide, well-planted base has a hatch door allowing you to easily shovel out the compost you’ve made.

This compost bin is sturdy, a good size and good value for money. If you have a small garden and need a discrete and easy solution to recycling your green waste, the 220 litre Blackwall is a good buy.

We’re not so keen on:

The lightweight plastic construction means that until it fills up, the compost bin can blow over in strong winds. Positioning it in a corner and/or pegging it to the ground with tent pegs can help. The inner rim of the lid opening is quite rough, so you need to take care not to catch your hands when turning over the contents.

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Eco Compost Converter 300 Litre Compost Bin Review

Eco Compost Converter 300 Litre Compost Bin

Our Rating:     5 out of 5 stars

  • RRP: £59.99 (Eco Compost Converter 776861 Compost Bin)
  • Capacity: 300 litres
  • Integrated hinged lid
  • Hatch door for collecting compost
  • Dimensions: Height 83cm, Width 61cm, Depth 61cm

We like:

The Eco Compost Converter is one of our favourite compost bins. It’s made from tough and durable plastic and with a 300 litre capacity it’s a good large size. Delivered flat-packed, it’s easy to put together – the panels simply click into place, and it’s nice and sturdy when assembled. Its square shape is practical and fits neatly in the corner of the garden and the neutral grey/green colouring is nicely discrete.

A hinged lid makes it easy to dump your green waste, whilst keeping pests out and essential heat in. The good sized hatch door in the base is removable giving easy access to the compost when ready. If you want a high-quality compost bin at a good price, you can’t do much better than the Eco Compost Converter. 5 out of 5.

We’re not so keen on:

Although straightforward to put together, assembly instructions are limited to just two diagrams on the label.

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Draper 180L Compost Tumbler Compost Bin Review

Draper 180 Litre Compost Tumbler

Our Rating:     4 out of 5 stars

  • RRP: £118.34 (Draper 07212 Compost Tumbler)
  • Capacity: 180 litres
  • Lightweight polypropylene construction
  • Symmetrical design with access at each end
  • Tumbling action speeds up composting
  • Rapid decomposition in 6 – 8 weeks
  • Dimensions: Height 77cm, Width 75cm, Depth 75cm

We like:

Draper, a family-run UK company has been selling high-quality garden tools for more than 90 years. Draper’s quality signature extends to this compost tumbler which uses a tumbling action to speed up the composting process. Just rotate the barrel every 2 to 3 days and if you have enough volume and your mix is right, you’ll feel the drum warm to the touch and you’ll have crumbly compost within a few weeks. It has a lightweight plastic construction and its symmetrical design means you can add your green waste at either end. It is held off the ground by a frame which has lock and pivot points and as the compost bin is off the ground, air and moisture are evenly distributed and pests are kept at bay. The composting drum has drainage holes around the top to allow any liquid to escape, so ideally place the tumbler on soft ground so the drips don’t stain the patio. If you have a small garden and you’re after a good quality, easy to use compost bin, the Draper Compost Tumbler is certainly worth considering.

We’re not so keen on:

Some customers have said that the twist lids can be hard to open, especially if it’s been raining.

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Triple Modular Wooden Compost Bin Review

Modular Wooden Compost Bin

Our Rating:     3.5 out of 5 stars

  • RRP: £209.99
  • FSC Wooden Construction from certified forests
  • Removable Panels
  • Dimensions: 270cm wide x 91cm deep x 75cm high
  • Weight: 1200 grams
  • Capacity: 1860 litres

We like:

Solid construction and easy to assemble; there are no nails, no screws and no holes to dig. The sliding panels mean that you can get your wheel barrow right up close and easily remove your finished compost. The wood comes from FSC certified northern European forests and has been treated with a non-toxic preservative. The 3 compartments allow for optimum composting – one to fill, one to leave mature and one to use. If you have the space and a bulk of material to kick start it, this is a great compost system.

We’re not so keen on:

Because of its size, the triple wooden compost bin is only suitable for larger gardens and allotments. Plus, we needed two pairs of hands to put it together. Comes in at the top of the price bracket.

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