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Bokashi Composting Explained

With bokashi you can turn your food scraps, including meat, fish and dairy, into rich compost. Add your kitchen waste and a handful of bokashi bran to the airtight container and allow the micro-organisms to work their magic. After two weeks the contents can be safely transferred to your compost bin or dug into the […]

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Wormery Composting

A wormery is great for speedily converting your kitchen waste into super-rich organic compost and liquid plant feed. With a multi-tray wormery you can quickly and easily recycle your kitchen scraps without even getting your hands dirty. Putting kitchen waste in a wormery saves on transport costs and stops methane being produced by the food […]

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Compost Checklist

Compost is easy to make, it’s free, and it’s a great way to recycle organic household and garden waste. Use this comprehensive list of materials you can and can’t compost to make sure you get the best results from your heap. You can compost You shouldn’t compost You can safely compost cooked food, meat, fish […]

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Making Compost

Part of every healthy garden is well-conditioned soil and the best way to get your soil in good shape is to add home compost. Composting is an essential part of organic gardening, so we have put together some tips for making compost and a list of what you can and can’t add to the heap. […]

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Bokashi and your garden

A quick guide to transferring your Bokashi compost to the garden Kitchen waste treated with Bokashi will break down incredibly quickly when transferred to the garden, but for best results, read our quick guide: 1. Dig the bokashi compost into the garden Fermented bokashi waste doesn’t necessarily have to be thrown on the compost heap, […]

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Getting Started With Bokashi Composting

Follow this guide to getting started with bokashi composting to get the best out of your kitchen composter : What’s in the box? Setting up your Bokashi Bin How to use the Bokashi Kitchen Composter What’s in the box? The kit includes: A bokashi indoor composter complete with drainage tap, lid, handle and inner drain […]

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Composting Autumn Leaves

Collect fallen leaves for leaf-mould. Store moist leaves in black plastic bags and after a year or so you’ll have a rich, crumbly mulch your plants will love. Much as I love autumn, I do dread picking up all the leaves. It’s never ending, especially when you live at the end of a wind tunnel […]

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