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Bokashi Composters – Reviewed

With a Bokashi Kitchen Composter you can recycle your kitchen scraps including meat, fish and dairy products with no smells and no flies. Here we take a look at 1 of the best.

Blackwall Bokashi Composter

Our Rating:     4 out of 5 stars

  • RRP: £44.99 for two, (including Bokashi bran)
  • Dimensions: 32cm wide x 25cm deep x 37cm high
  • Weight: 1200 grams
  • Capacity: 15 litres
  • Made from partially recycled plastic

We like:

Blackwall almost have the market sewn up for Bokashi composters in the UK. The reason is their product is simple, it works and it’s well priced. Except for the tap, the drainage system is very effective with an inner drain tray and sloping base that does a good job of channelling off any excess Bokashi juice. It’s an easy to clean and effective Bokashi system.

We’re not so keen on:

The drainage tap can be easily overtightened so the Bokashi bin leaks! We solved the problem by replacing the soft silicone washers with decent rubber ones. And, the plastic carrying handle could be sturdier.

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