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Bokashi Compost Bin

The Bokashi Compost System

Since we started using a bokashi bin, it’s amazing how little rubbish we need to actually throw away. We’ve more than halved the number of black bags we put out for the dustmen.

Compost ALL Your Food Scraps

Unlike conventional composting, with a bokashi indoor composter you can safely turn all your organic kitchen waste, including meat, fish, dairy and cooked foods, into fantastic, nutrient-rich compost.

The bokashi concept originated in Japan. It’s accelerated composting using bokashi bran, wheat bran that has been inoculated with effective micro-organisms (EMs), which act to anaerobically pickle your kitchen waste. There are no odours and the system doesn’t attract flies, so you can safely store your bokashi bin inside the home. And, when transferred to the garden, bokashi compost breaks down incredibly quickly and doesn’t attract vermin.

Scraping organic kitchen waste into a bokashi kitchen composter

Just add your plate scrapings, and food waste, including meat, fish and dairy products to the 15 litre container. Sprinkle over a handful of bokashi bran and upon fitting the airtight lid, the composting process begins. Once full, the material needs to be left to ‘pickle’ for 2 weeks. Then, the contents of the kitchen composter can be added to your home compost heap, or mixed into the soil in your garden. It’s a great way to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

An unexpected bonus of the bokashi bin is the wonderful bokashi juice produced. This rich liquid fertiliser can be drained off every couple of days and diluted with water to give your plants a boost, or simply poured straight down the drain to prevent algae build-up and eliminate odours.

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