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Bokashi and your garden

A quick guide to transferring your Bokashi compost to the garden

It’s unbelievable how quickly bokashi compost can recondition the soil and give plants a boost. Mind you, bokashi compost is quite acidic at first, so if you dig the waste straight into the garden, make sure you leave about a month before planting on top of it.

Kitchen waste treated with Bokashi will break down incredibly quickly when transferred to the garden, but for best results, read our quick guide:

1. Dig the bokashi compost into the garden

Fermented bokashi waste doesn’t necessarily have to be thrown on the compost heap, it can easily be dug straight into the garden. For a full bucket, all you need to do is dig a trench about 1 metre wide by 40 cm deep.

2. Drain off excess juice

Before you tip in your waste, make sure any excess bokashi juice is drained off, or the mixture may be too acidic for the plants. Remember, bokashi juice is potent stuff and needs to be diluted 1 part juice to 100 parts water before being used as a plant feed. Empty the contents of your bokashi bucket into the ditch and spread it evenly. Ideally, it should be spread about 1 inch thick. As the newly fermented compost is quite acidic, try not to empty it too near to plant and tree roots. Don’t worry, it quickly becomes less acidic after being buried.

3. Bury it and wait

Cover the waste over with around 3 to 4 inches of soil and forget about it – that’s all you have to do! After about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of waste and time of year, the bokashi compost should be completely broken down and you should have a rich dark brown soil to plant into or transfer to other parts of the garden.

…or simply empty it into your compost bin

Of course, the fermented bokashi waste can equally well be added to your home compost bin. Again, drain off any excess liquid and spread the contents of the container thinly on the compost heap. Ideally, cover the waste with a shovel full of soil or other organic material, such as grass clippings, to help it break down.

Bokashi compost in the garden

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