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Wall-Mounted Washing Lines – Reviewed

New, innovative wall-mounted washing line designs mean that you get maximum drying space with minimum fuss. For space-saving convenience it’s hard to beat a wall-mounted washing line, plus if you dry your clothes outside, they’ll smell fresher and you’ll save energy and money compared with tumble drying. Wall-mounted washing lines can be mounted inside or […]

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Rotary Washing Lines – Reviewed

Rotary washing lines provide the drying space and convenience to get your family’s washing dry quickly and with minimum fuss. Rotating in the wind to ensure even drying, our favourite rotary lines are feature rich and make a compelling choice for anyone wanting to dry their clothes naturally. Rotary washing lines needn’t be a permanent […]

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Retractable Washing Lines – Reviewed

Wall or post-mounted with extendable lines up to 15m, retractable washing lines can provide all the line-drying space you need. Retractable washing lines can be mounted inside or outside and when you have finished drying your washing, the lines automatically wind back into the unit out of the way. Here we review some of the […]

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