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Compost Bins – Reviewed

Read our reviews of the best compost bins and get on the road to recycling your green waste. A wooden compost bin is both breathable and insulating; a plastic compost bin will keep the heat in and pests out; a tumbler compost bin will speed up the composting process. Whichever type of compost bin you […]

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Bokashi Composters – Reviewed

With a Bokashi Kitchen Composter you can recycle your kitchen scraps including meat, fish and dairy products with no smells and no flies. Here we take a look at 1 of the best. Blackwall Bokashi Composter Our Rating:      RRP: £44.99 for two, (including Bokashi bran) Dimensions: 32cm wide x 25cm deep x 37cm high Weight: […]

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Wormeries – Reviewed

A Wormery will make quick and easy work of recycling your kitchen scraps, and the resulting compost is the best you can get. As a bonus, your wormery will supply you with a steady supply of liquid plant feed. Here we review some of the best: Can-O-Worms Value Pack Wormery Kit Review Our Rating:      RRP: […]

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