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Wooden Garden Sheds – Reviewed

Let’s face it, life comes with clutter; read our reviews of the best wooden garden sheds that not only provide valuable extra storage space, their traditional style means they look great in the garden too. Wooden sheds are available in sizes ranging from 3ft x 6ft to a huge 20ft x 10ft. Prices start at […]

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Plastic Garden Sheds – Reviewed

Plastic garden shed reviews from the best manufacturers including Keter, Rowlinson, Duramax and BillyOh. Plastic garden sheds are becoming very popular due to their durability, ease of assembly, and weather-proof construction. Plastic sheds are a cost effective solution to garden storage with the huge advantage that they require virtually no maintenance. Plastic sheds are sturdy, […]

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Wall-Mounted Washing Lines – Reviewed

New, innovative wall-mounted washing line designs mean that you get maximum drying space with minimum fuss. For space-saving convenience it’s hard to beat a wall-mounted washing line, plus if you dry your clothes outside, they’ll smell fresher and you’ll save energy and money compared with tumble drying. Wall-mounted washing lines can be mounted inside or […]

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Rotary Washing Lines – Reviewed

Rotary washing lines provide the drying space and convenience to get your family’s washing dry quickly and with minimum fuss. Rotating in the wind to ensure even drying, our favourite rotary lines are feature rich and make a compelling choice for anyone wanting to dry their clothes naturally. Rotary washing lines needn’t be a permanent […]

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Retractable Washing Lines – Reviewed

Wall or post-mounted with extendable lines up to 15m, retractable washing lines can provide all the line-drying space you need. Retractable washing lines can be mounted inside or outside and when you have finished drying your washing, the lines automatically wind back into the unit out of the way. Here we review some of the […]

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Compost Bins – Reviewed

Read our reviews of the best compost bins and get on the road to recycling your green waste. A wooden compost bin is both breathable and insulating; a plastic compost bin will keep the heat in and pests out; a tumbler compost bin will speed up the composting process. Whichever type of compost bin you […]

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Bokashi Composters – Reviewed

With a Bokashi Kitchen Composter you can recycle your kitchen scraps including meat, fish and dairy products with no smells and no flies. Here we take a look at 1 of the best. Blackwall Bokashi Composter Our Rating:      RRP: £44.99 for two, (including Bokashi bran) Dimensions: 32cm wide x 25cm deep x 37cm high Weight: […]

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Wormeries – Reviewed

A Wormery will make quick and easy work of recycling your kitchen scraps, and the resulting compost is the best you can get. As a bonus, your wormery will supply you with a steady supply of liquid plant feed. Here we review some of the best: Can-O-Worms Value Pack Wormery Kit Review Our Rating:      RRP: […]

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