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How to attract wildlife to your garden – Infographic

A recent health check on Britain’s wildlife has revealed that more than 60% of British species have declined in the last 50 years and 10% of British wildlife is at risk of extinction. Hedgehogs, turtle doves and red squirrels are among the species seeing the biggest decline. Sir David Attenborough called the findings “a stark […]

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Start seedlings in an eggshell for a nutrient boost

Start seedlings in an egg shell and, when ready, plant the entire thing. The egg shells will naturally compost providing your plants with valuable nutrients. Unless you’re a chef or an Olympic athlete who eats twelve egg whites for breakfast, it’s not practical to start a whole season of vegetable seedlings in eggshells. But, if […]

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Managing Your Household Waste

Cleaning and maintaining a home can create a huge amount of rubbish and manufacturers, shops and councils are all realising that waste is just that, a waste. Even so, we still seem to be filling bins at an unprecedented rate, throwing out nearly a tonne of rubbish from our homes each year. While we all […]

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Do you Bokashi?

Do you Bokashi? If so, how do you Bokashi? Is Bokashi-ing an easy part of your daily routine, or is it a chore? Have you persuaded others to Bokashi? Have your say on ooffoo, the Natural Collection’s new blog for eco-enthusiasts. Launched in November 2008, ooffoo is described as an ‘exciting eco space where it’s […]

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Recycling food waste – it’s a no-brainer mate!

Australia’s community and environment forum zoom in on some scary stats and remind us that, yes, we need to reuse and recycle, but one of the best ways to live a low-impact lifestyle is not to produce the waste in the first place. This is where composting comes in. If we can channel food waste […]

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Effective Micro-organisms make great cleaning products

The Recycle Works is at the forefront of all things EM in the UK. Here Debbie blogs about how effective micro-organisms (EMs) make great probiotic cleaning products. The featured video shows how EMs tackle grease on a busy restaurant floor. Impressive stuff, plus they’re environmentally friendly. Could this mean the end of bleach? I’ve written […]

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Journalist Kate Hodal takes the compost challenge

Kate Hodal from Aberdeen’s the Press and Journal has taken the compost challenge. You can read about a worm massacre, fermented organic matter and nitrogen injected banana skins in her entertaining and informative pitch on the tribulations of being green. Find out about bokashi, wormeries and more conventional green thumb techniques to recycle food waste. […]

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Composting Autumn Leaves

Collect fallen leaves for leaf-mould. Store moist leaves in black plastic bags and after a year or so you’ll have a rich, crumbly mulch your plants will love. Much as I love autumn, I do dread picking up all the leaves. It’s never ending, especially when you live at the end of a wind tunnel […]

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