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Effective Micro-organisms make great cleaning products

The Recycle Works is at the forefront of all things EM in the UK. Here Debbie blogs about how effective micro-organisms (EMs) make great probiotic cleaning products. The featured video shows how EMs tackle grease on a busy restaurant floor. Impressive stuff, plus they’re environmentally friendly. Could this mean the end of bleach?

probiotic cleaning productI’ve written about the merits of bokashi juice on my Bokashi Instructions page. There I talked about how EM-rich bokashi juice (the by-product to bokashi composting) can prevent algae build-up in drains. I’ve also noticed how well bokashi juice cleans stains from around the plug when it’s poured down the sink, but with commercial products being developed, this takes the benefits of micro-organisms to a whole new level.




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  1. Medisan-man January 18, 2010 at 2:10 pm #

    Good article, We have recently started stocking similar products and so far are a big hit. I do have a question also could these products be used on wood decking to remove algae?


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