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How to attract wildlife to your garden – Infographic

A recent health check on Britain’s wildlife has revealed that more than 60% of British species have declined in the last 50 years and 10% of British wildlife is at risk of extinction. Hedgehogs, turtle doves and red squirrels are among the species seeing the biggest decline. Sir David Attenborough called the findings “a stark warning”. “This report shows that our species are in trouble, with many declining at a worrying rate,” he said. Wildlife organisations are knowledgeable and willing to help anybody who wants to know how to support the species they’re concerned about, whilst this infographic courtesy of Spalding Bulb is an essential guide to attracting wildlife to your garden, including bees, butterflies, birds, insects and hedgehogs.

How to attract wildlife to your garden – Infographic

Created by Spalding Bulb

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